16-08-2018 19:23:35

Want to know more about entrepreneurship?

Have you ever thought about becoming an entrepreneur but didn’t think you had the right tools to make it happen?
Arrangør: IDA Young Professionals

IDA and Djøf invites you to participate in our Venture Cup Bootcamp on November 7th-9th. This event is for anyone who's up for a challenge, wants to meet new people and has an open mind. You don’t need to be an entrepreneur or even have a potential business idea in order to attend, as long as you’re willing to test your imagination, we’ll help out with the rest.


IDA and Djøf want to bring together innovative minds with backgrounds ranging from engineers to business students and help them take the first step towards becoming entrepreneurs. We believe that through this exchange of knowledge, participants will have the opportunity to grow their network and open their eyes to a new world of business potential.


Venture Cup Bootcamp will be comprised of three workshops, in addition to ‘one-on-one’ sessions. During this weekend participants will learn how to overcome some of the common obstacles that entrepreneurs face, make the transition from idea to business, and effectively pitch their potential startup.


IDA and Djøf sincerely hope that you can take part in this enriching event, which includes both hard work and lots of fun!


The workshop is a collaboration between IDA, Djøf and Venture Cup, and will be facilitated by Venture Cup.


Please note! You do not sign up at IDA, but sign up here.

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