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What is all the fuss about Process Automation?

Get a real feel for engineering work in the biopharmaceutical world. Visit NNE for an interactive crash course in Process Automation. All are welcome!
Arrangør: IDA Proces

What do Process Automation engineers do?

Process Automation engineers design programme and test software for process control on a production line, and these programmes have to fulfill customer requirements. We are given diagrams that show the pipe routes and relative placement of the valves, pumps and transmitters we will control.

When designing process control systems, there is a distinction between physical equipment (the nouns; a valve, a pump, a motor) and the procedures (the verbs; to fill, to heat, to mix). The procedures tell the equipment what to do. We structure the programmes this way because it is smart. Plus, it is the core of ISA-88 design standard we have to follow.

Want to learn more?

Join NNE’s interactive crash course and networking event - an engineering company specialized in pharma engineering. Get an introduction to control software via a case process unit, and network with other curious-minded professionals (refreshments included).


15.00 – Welcome to IDA Proces meeting and short intro (IDA)

15.20 -  Introduction to Process Automation engineering and todays case - the precipitation tank

15.35 – The piping and instrumentation diagram and the user requirement specification

16.10 - How to design the software according to ISA-88

17.00 - About programming the process control system

17.20 - Course recap

The event is free for IDA Members, but if you enroll and do not turn up, there will be a no-show fee of DKK 200.

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