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What the Block #2 - The Internet of Trust

Arrangør: IDA Design & Innovation
What the Block #2 - The Internet of Trust

The Second meet-up in a series of events looking to explore the world of blockchain together, to make this technology more accessible, more human and to spark ideas on its uses.

Political scientists, philosophers and economists have been thinking about trust for decades, and the literature they have created is rich and deep. Now in an increasingly digital world, the topic takes on new dimensions and challenges.

We’ve grown used to virtual spaces, often interacting with strangers through ‘trusted’ online platforms. But more recently it has become clear that the digital platforms that dominate the space cannot really be trusted to act with the citizen’s best interests at heart. As we grow ever more dependent on ‘big tech’, we are struggling to come to terms with an online ecosystem characterised by polarized views, and which serves as fertile soil for ‘fake news’. A world of instant, infinite information, in which the information itself becomes difficult to trust.

In this moment of deep distrust, there lies an opportunity to rethink our approach, design new rules, and create desirable futures. Enter blockchain, a way to build systems, which through decentralization, create ways to trade and interact directly with trust built-in as a feature.




Talk on the concept of trust

Case study of Internet of Trust blockchain-project


Soup, drinks and informal networking


The first speaker is Lene Rachel Andersen, author, philosopher and futurist. Lene will ask Can you Trust a Robot? Will it trust you? The breakdown of mutuality in interaction with artificial intelligence; recocity might survive, though.

The second speaker is John Ferreria, co-founder of SIFT, a radical Copenhagen based project using blockchain to create an Internet that citizens can trust. John will share the case study of SIFT and how it uses blockchain to restore trust in the media as an institution, as well as building trust amongst citizens and journalists.

Cyrus Clarke, co-founder of What The Block will be introducing the evening.

We hope you join us for what promises to be a thought-provoking conversation about a future of ‘trust-free’ trading.

This event is organized by What The Block - a platform dedicated to bringing about a more inclusive conversation around blockchain - in collaboration with IDA, to help people from all backgrounds understand the potential of blockchain.

Read more: http://whattheblock.org/

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