18-10-2018 01:19:06

What the Block - making Blockchain more Human

The first meet-up in a series of events looking to bring design thinking and the blockchain together to make this technology more accessible, more human and to spark ideas on its uses.
Arrangør: IDA Design & Innovation
Medarrangør: IDA IT
What the Block - making Blockchain more Human

By now you've all heard about Blockchain. You might even understand how it works. But do you really understand its potential? Join us at the first meetup in our series of events exploring the blockchain, helping you to understand why this technology matters.

Session #1: The Internet of Value

To kick-off the series, we will be joined by the Professor Chris Speed, chair of Design Informatics at Edinburgh University, who will share his take on Blockchain as the Internet of Value, through a series of imaginative projects that make use of the features of distributed ledger technology. Joining Chris on stage will be Cyrus Clarke, co-founder of What The Block.

We hope you join us for what promises to be a thought-provoking conversation about a future in which we exchange value as easily as we send an email.

This event is organized by What The Block - a platform dedicated to bringing about a more inclusive conversation around blockchain - in collaboration with IDA, to help people from all backgrounds understand the potential of blockchain. Read more: http://whattheblock.org/

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