20-10-2018 02:43:53

Wind Load on Structures

A two day seminar that encompasses recent advances in the modelling and simulation of wind loads on structures, where the structures expressed range from the built environment and on to wind turbines.
Arrangør: IDA Byg

The aim is to utilise recent advances in both experimental and computational techniques to discover and support new best practices in this engineering domain. In that manner, the topics cover advances in CFD (turbulence modelling), FSI, Stochastics , Wind tunnels, calibration methods, and onto validation and verification.

Special Interest Group (SIG): Another key aim is to develop a SIG where we can continuously develop and qualify methods under V&V, leading to a BPG book on the topic

Timeline will follow shortly on http://www.ercoftac.org/events/wind_load_on_structures_2018/

Registration fee is Euro 220 and Euro 140 for students.

The event is organised by ERCOFTAC network.

IDA Byg is a sponsor to this event together with VIND-VIND and MOE.


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