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Young Engineers Solutions 2018

Join YES18 on the 19th-20th of October, where ambitious young engineers and entrepreneurs will develop and pitch business ideas for SMART City solutions!
Arrangør: IDA Young Professionals
Medarrangører: IDA Design & Innovation, IDA Grøn Teknologi, IDA Miljø, IDA Trafik og byplan

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Societies are ever increasing in size, numbers and complexity which leads to a range of new challenges left unanswered!

YES18 is a business idea competition for young engineers, entrepreneurs and science-professionals who want to engage in environmental and social challenges. We bring together participants from all over Europe to work together on developing specific solutions to global sustainability problems.

The main topic this year is on evolving SMART technologies in modern cities!

Participation and accommodation is FREE. You just have to sign up and show up!
PLEASE NOTE: There will be a limited number of seats this year, so make sure to get your ticket!

YES18 is a great opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and expand your professional network!

It is for you who wants to:
- Generate a SMART solution to a big city challenge

- Learn how to develop a business idea

- Learn how to pitch an idea for maximum impact

- Develop and pitch an idea to a crowd

This event is hosted by IDA Young Professionals. A professional network within The Danish Society of Engineers (IDA) providing opportunities for IDA student members and recent graduates to develop professional competencies.

We also have a facebook page.

Questions? Don't hesitate to throw us a mail on: ida.yp.yes@gmail.com


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