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Edgar Schein: Engineering In a Multicultural World

Webinar: Oplev professor Edgar Schein.
8. jul. 2015 Af IDA Learning

Recognizing the role Engineering Culture in Organizations and Society

November 15th, 2010, IDA Lederforum had the honour to transmit live via Skype Edgar Schein, Professor of Management Emeritus, MIT, who is acknowledged worldwide for his long life work on organizational development and is generally credited with the term “corporate culture”.

Edgar Schein gave his lecture as his contribution to IDA Lederforum’s conference “The Future Leader is an Engineer” and his lecture was titled “Engineering in a Multicultural World.” You will hear, how E. Schein defined the engineering culture as being one of three – the two others being the operator and the executive cultures in organizations. Furthermore, Schein sees the role of engineering in society as being unique in that it concerns the fundamental design and building of things which produces a common generic culture which one can find in all organizations.

Listen to this interesting lecture and hear Edgar Schein answering the delegates questions.

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