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Growstack - the future of food is in your hands

IDA is one of three partners behind the open source foodtech initiative Growstack, launched as a three-month pilot from March 14, 2018.
14. mar. 2018 Af IDA

Growstack is a foodtech initiative that addresses an urgent food challenge.

"In the next 40 years, we need to produce as much food as what has been produced the last 8000 years." – Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever

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One of humanity’s biggest challenges is to produce enough quality food for a rapidly growing population in a sustainable way. Scaling up conventional farming is simply not a viable option.

We need alternatives.

Vertical farming is a promising alternative. It is resource-efficient with full control of an automated plant production. It enables local production of high-quality food with no pesticides. So far, high complexity and lack of transparency inhibit a lot of motivated people from getting involved.


Growstack paves the way for new solutions by making vertical farming technology accessible, bringing motivated people together and removing the barriers to get started with new ways of producing food.

We create an open platform where a motivated community of participants are equipped to build their own projects and startups.


Growstack is an open platform for engineers, IT professionals, scientists, foodies, chefs, designers, makers, entrepreneurs etc, to meet, collaborate, share knowledge and build new solutions together.

Everyone can join!


This is what is happening with Growstack (in the pilotphase)

  • An aeroponic technology stack is made openly available (open-source GPL)
  • An open wiki for project-specific knowledge sharing incl. business aspects is built
  • A vertical farming system is in daily operation and optimized for crops in local demand
  • Meetups and hackathons around vertical farming technology is held
  • The community runs agile experiments and co-creates needed solutions around vertical farming.


We are using aeroponic technology in Growstack, It is provided by the startup Nextfood. Software and hardware is made completely open source. 


Growstack is an initiative by Copenhagen Foodtech Community, Nextfood, and IDA.


The Growstack vertical farm is located at IDA Innovate, Kalvebod Brygge 31-33, Copenhagen.

Head of Growstack: Frederik Lean Hansen // hello@growstack.org

IDA contact: Tina Ryoon Andersen // tra@ida.dk

Nyt fællesskab for foodtech-entusiaster
Nyt fællesskab for foodtech-entusiaster

14. marts er der officiel launch for et nyt initiativ, der med en open source-platform vil kickstarte udviklingen af fødevareteknologi for at komme klodens stigende ressourceknaphed til undsætning ...

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