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Strong interest in international development work

The network IDA Global Development has just kicked off the second year of a unique educational course, put together to prepare young and highly educated people for global development work in for example corporate businesses or NGOs. The interest in this initiative has been so strong that the organisers are forced to turn down qualified applicants again this year.
30. mar. 2016 Af Ole Haun
IDA Global Development Class 2016 will find room for 35 participants out of the around 55 applicants, who filed in their application.
IDA Global Development Class 2016 will find room for 35 participants out of the around 55 applicants, who filed in their application.

”IDA Global Development Class 2016”, as the course is called, will find room for 35 participants out of the around 55 applicants, who filed in their application.

”We have chosen to limit the size of the class, so we can make sure that we have the necessary resources for each participant. It is just as much about clarifying competencies as it is about educating the participants and that is why time for advice and mentoring is highly prioritised,” says Erik Blas, Chairman of the initiating network IDA Global Development.

He is happy about the strong interest in the project, coming from a wide circle of newly educated candidates: Engineers, geologists, economists, anthropologists and more.

”It is very encouraging that highly educated youngsters want to specialise inside international development work. There is a need for them, and a need for them to know the characteristic professionalization that has taken place on the area and which means that a job in the development industry needs to have a foundation in a strong specialist profile as well as deep knowledge about the labour market of the industry,” says Erik Blas.

And there is a lot of work to do, he adds.

”The implementation of UN’s 17 sustainable development goals will mean putting in efforts across all fronts, new ways of doing things and first and foremost, new insights into – and collaborations between – a long line of professional disciplines”, he points out.

An important purpose of the educational course, which lasts about a year and takes place in participants’ spare time, is to introduce a wide range of the professional players working with international development projects. This takes place through project work and professional sessions, where participants meet representatives from businesses, the UN, Danida and NGOs.

The topic “Global Entrepreneurship” was already part of the curriculum for the class of 2015 and in 2016 more weight will be put on this. According to Erik Blas, the topic will continue to gain more ground in the light of international development work.

“There is an enormous potential for entrepreneurship that is directed towards, or even uses as a starting point, the developing countries and therefore is global at its very nature,“ he points out.

Satisfying an actual demand

Going into its second year, it is still too early to do actual statistics over the market value of the newly educated candidates. But indicators show that there is an actual need for professional development workers. In 2015, where the first educational course was done, several of the participants found a job inside the area already before finishing the course.

But even though they might have finished the course, many of the participants from the 2015 class still want to keep in touch. That is why they have established an alumni group for former participants, where they can further develop their professional network.

About IDA Global Development

IDA Global Development is one of The Danish Society of Engineer’s 40 nation-wide, professional networks. The network consists of almost 900 members including both engineers and a broad spectrum of other professional groups.

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