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Who are Zero Waste Europe?

Zero Waste Europe is a Brussels based NGO and our mission is to empower communities to rethink their relationship with resources. We advocate for zero waste strategies in Europe and beyond, and support local groups who have the potential to drive change in their region.
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Zero Waste Europe aims to raise awareness and change the relationship we have between our resources and waste. To do so, in 2016, we have released the first edition of the People’s Design Lab Europe campaign.

What is the People’s Design Lab?

On July 2nd at the Festival Zero Waste in Paris, Zero Waste Europe announced the launch of the People’s Design Lab, an international project aimed at identifying and redesigning poorly designed and wasteful products to pave the way for a Circular Economy. The project will:

  • Help identify and expose wasteful productsfor redesign.
  • Run multi-stakeholder redesign sessionsonline or on the ground to rethink or redesign bad products.
  • Engage with manufacturers in constructive conversationsor alternatively lobby or input into needed policy change areas.
  • Ultimately, get positive changes implementedthat support a move towards a zero waste economy and better use of resources.

The People’s Design Lab’s online platform targets products that break too soon, that are not repairable, that are toxic, that are not recyclable or for any other reason are unfit for a Circular Economy. The People’s Design Lab enables citizens to take action in highlighting the problems and identifying the zero waste solutions. 

After winners in each of the categories have been decided, the products will be the focus of ‘redesign workshops’ where entrepreneurs, engineers and designers will work to create zero waste alternatives fit for a circular economy.

How to be part of People’s Design Lab 2016?

For three months, the People’s Design Lab platform has been accepting nominations of unsustainable products. Incredibly almost 250 products were submitted and, voted on to become finalists in a second voting phase.

Between the 1st and 8th of November the People’s Design Lab is running a second voting phase. It is open for everyone to vote for the winner of each of the waste categories. These are the 5 different categories where you can vote:

  • Russian Doll: for the most over packaged products.
  • Bin Again: single use and short lived products.
  • Weakest Link: easily breakable products and unrepairable devices
  • Open: any waste related problem products
  • Good Design: the best zero waste alternatives.

By voting the worst designed products or the most sustainable alternatives people can demonstrate their disagreement with industries and corporations that prioritise their own profit over the environment.

How will People’s Design Lab present at YES 2016?

Delphine Lévi Alvarès, policy officer at Zero Waste Europe, and Anna Queralt, project assistant, we will be representing Zero Waste Europe at YES 2016 as part of the ‘Expert Café Team’. 
We are thrilled to have the chance to support the participants in thinking about sustainable solutions and actions that can help our oceans be free of plastics. This will also be a great opportunity for us to share experiences with experts from different backgrounds and fields.

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