19-08-2018 19:33:12

Kom til konference om 3D, som er så meget mere end printere. Vi satte fokus på emnet den 29. september 2017! Tilmeld dig her.

3D printing – a sustainability promise or peril?

Taler: Märtha Rehnberg, Entrepreneur & Political Economist, DareDisrupt, shares her view on the relation between 3D printing, sustainability, and the potential demise of Capitalism.
3D printing – a sustainability promise or peril?

3D printing has been heralded as a revolutionary technology that can alter the way production is organized across time and space – with important redistributive effects on geography and size of production activities. In her talk, Märtha Rehnberg discusses the future of value chains in a 3D printed world and the environmental crisis in which the technology is embedded. A crisis that presents immense opportunities for those able to redefine “value” in the 21st century mode of production.

Märtha Rehnberg, is former intrapreneur at Maersk where she worked with 3D printing as means to reduce their carbon footprint. Today she is Co-Founder of tech advocacy firm DareDisrupt. She teaches 3D printing at Norwegian School of Economics and Copenhagen Business School – with whom she also publishes her research on 3D printing. Märtha has been selected as a ‘Leader of Tomorrow’ by the St Gallen Symposium for three consecutive years, and profiled as a ‘FemTech Leader’ by Innotribe, the Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group and the Digital Finance Institute.

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