21-08-2018 09:44:01

Kom til konference om 3D, som er så meget mere end printere. Vi satte fokus på emnet den 29. september 2017! Tilmeld dig her.

3D Printing and the Future of Supply Chains

Taler: Greta D’Angelo, Ph.D. and Additive Manufacturing Specialist at TwentySeven tells us what we can expect for the future of supply chains – and what is in it for the companies when the technology finally matures.
3D Printing and the Future of Supply Chains

Within the next five years, the way we distribute products will change massively thanks to the adoption of 3D printing. Creating products layer by layer, not only allows for an extreme geometrical freedom, but it also makes customized and individualized products economically viable and closer to the consumer. This, combined with digitalization and decentralization of production facilities, will contribute to the transformation of supply chains. Many industries will be affected – from manufacturers to wholesalers. During the talk, Greta will illustrate present and future scenarios and provide an introduction to the emerging business models that will transform traditional supply chains.

Greta D’Angelo is an industrial designer converted to mechanical engineering, with a PhD in materials, 3D printing, and tooling.

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