21-08-2018 21:17:24

Kom til konference om 3D, som er så meget mere end printere. Vi satte fokus på emnet den 29. september 2017! Tilmeld dig her.

AI: The missing algorithm between 3D scanners & printers

Taler: Ben Hayward, CEO at Xabian, talks about how our world not only has shape, but other physical attributes too – hardness, texture, and heat just to name a few. Can we use AI to mine this data out from a normal 3D scan?
AI: The missing algorithm between 3D scanners & printers

Personalised medicine is just that - personal. This sounds like the perfect application for 3D technologies, but so far 3D scanners and printers are only able to replicate shape. The human body is a very complicated system; it has shape, but also texture, hardness, and heat. 3D printers are increasingly used in the medical field but with some backlash. Components made from a 3D scan can be some of the most uncomfortable devices for patients because the 3D scanners aren’t able to capture and process all the types information like a human doctor can. Is this a job for AI?

Ben Hayward has a research background specialised in mathematical modelling, and is now the founder and CEO at Xabian.

Download presentation here.