19-08-2018 19:36:20

Hospital 4.0 er en revolution og opbrud med det danske sundheds- og hospitalsvæsen, og det sker lige nu. Se eller gense, hvad der skete på Driving Health Tech konferencerne i 2016 og 2017 og glæd dig til 2019, hvor vi gentager succesen.

The Learning Hospital

Keynote: Ranging from the initial processes around drug development to the analyses of real-world data, and from population health to personalized care, we now have the opportunity to improve the quality and value of care, enhance patient safety, and make the experience of delivering care much more satisfying for both clinicians and citizens.
The Learning Hospital

This presentation will bring forth concrete examples of how life sciences, medical care and citizen engagement is advancing by utilizing the capabilities within advanced analytics and cognitive computing.


IBM is a leader and frontrunner in Big data and IoT, but frontrunners are also the first to self critically learn, where the technologies seem to fall short of the opportunities, or where the health service have difficulties to absorb, implement and integrate the technologies.

Come and hear keynote speakers, John Crawford and Henrik Rindel Gudbergsen, analysis and evaluation of “the Hospital 4.0”.

John Crawford, IBM

John is a member of IBM’s global Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry team, with a specific focus on the European market. He is also a member of the IBM Industry Academy, and the IBM Faculty Academy.

He advises and contributes to a number of European and Global healthcare IT industry associations, including COCIR, Continua. He is the lead IBM contributor for the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Aging (Action Area B3 – Integrated Care), and is one of several IBM executive sponsors of EIT Health, a European alliance for healthy living and active ageing.

John is President, since January 2016, of the European Health Telematics Association (EHTEL), a multi-stakeholder membership organisation dedicated to the promotion of eHealth and new models of care. He is also a Board Member of HIMSS for the period April 2016 to June 2018.

He is often invited to provide expert commentary about developments in eHealth, Big Data and Analytics, and has spoken at many conferences and events over the past 10 years. These include HIMSS conferences in Europe and the USA, the European Health Forum Gastein, EU eHealth Week, the HIMSS CIO Summit, the European Telemedicine Conference, the European Society of Cardiology Congress, and the NHS Confederation Conference.

With over 36 years experience in the IT Industry, he is a strong advocate for the transformation of healthcare using information technology, and he regularly briefs press and analysts on IBM’s Healthcare Business, eHealth and Digital Health.

Henrik Rindel Gudbergsen, IBM

Henrik Rindel Gudbergsen works as an IBM healthcare executive with the application of IBMs portfolio of technologies in the public sector, the pharmaceutical industry, and in biotech companies across the Nordic countries.