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Driving IT giver den 2. november 2018 et unikt indblik i it-verdenens konstante ændringer. og du kommer hjem med konkret og brugbar viden om IT og udvikling. Tilmeld dig nu.

Beyond The Clouds

Speaker: Aral Balkan is an activist and designer with over 30 years of coding experience; he’s one-third of Ind.ie on https://ind.ie, a tiny two-person-and-one-husky social enterprise working for social justice in the digital age.
30. sep. 2016 Af: Driving IT
Aral Balkan, activist and designer
Aral Balkan, activist and designer

The open web is dead. From its smouldering ashes protrude the cold, silicon panopticons of surveillance capitalism; the feudal dominions of platform monopolies like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Uber… All engaged in the same despicable business of farming human beings. This is the dystopia of our present. But there is hope for a better future. How we get there is what this talk is about.