19-08-2018 21:54:47

Driving IT giver den 2. november 2018 et unikt indblik i it-verdenens konstante ændringer. og du kommer hjem med konkret og brugbar viden om IT og udvikling. Tilmeld dig nu.

Creating a MultiVocal synthetic voice

Speaker: Frederik Tollund Juutilainen has previously studied philosophy and computer science. He has worked with fields such as evolutionary algorithms in architecture, cyborgs, social robotics and post-phenomenology. Alongside his current studies at KU, he works as a software developer and as a member of multivocal(.org).
19. okt. 2017 Af: Driving IT
<p>Frederik Tollund Juutlainen</p>

Frederik Tollund Juutlainen

The use of synthetic voices is becoming increasingly common, but attaching a voice and an identity to an interface is not without issues. Frederik is from an art- and research-based collective exploring identity and aesthetics connected to synthetic voices. In this talk he will share thoughts on creating a collective voice, which is not connected to a single gender, age ore identity.

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