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CreepyLeaks - Data leakage as a physical sensation

Irina Shklovski, Associate Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen. Her projects address online information disclosure, data leakage on mobile devices and the sense of powerlessness people experience in the face of massive personal data collection. She coordinates an EU-funded collaborative project VIRT-EU, examining how IoT developers enact ethics in practice in order to design interventions into the IoT development process to support ethical reflection on data and privacy in the EU. Erik Grönvall,Associate Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen (ITU). He is the Head of the Interaction Design Research Group. Erik research the role technology has in everyday life and how technology can be designed to better align with the capabilities and needs of diverse users. Lately, Erik has taken an interest in Sensory Augmentation and how people experience data if they can ‘feel’ it with their bodies, for example through muscle stimulation.
19. okt. 2017 Af: Driving IT
<p>Irena Shklovski & Erik Grönvall, ITU</p>

Irena Shklovski & Erik Grönvall, ITU

The amount of data collected about individuals is steadily increasing as devices, including cars, become smart and connect, amplifying opportunities to harvest sensitive information to unprecedented levels. This results in both intended and malicious disclosure of sensitive personal data - data leakage to third parties. Imagine how it would be to bodily sense data leakage. CreepyLeaks challenges people’s perceptions of data leakage through sensorial augmentation, by making users feel data leakage through electro-muscle stimulation. We explore whether making data leakage an embodied experience will change how people think about personal data and what they are willing to do about data leakage as a potential problem.

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