21-08-2018 02:40:39

Driving IT giver den 2. november 2018 et unikt indblik i it-verdenens konstante ændringer. og du kommer hjem med konkret og brugbar viden om IT og udvikling. Tilmeld dig nu.

Start-up bubble, IoT and digital-feudalism…really?

Speaker: Raffaella is a civil engineer, urban planner PhD, european project manager and a researcher passionate about loops and connecting dots; currently manager of Research at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design.
11. okt. 2017 Af: IDA IT
<p>Raffaella Rovida</p>

Raffaella Rovida

“Internet of things” are not just things on Internet. Ethical value-based systems and IoT Manifestos are negotiated and enacted every day among communities of IoT developers…what is at stake and who are the powerholders?

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