15-11-2018 01:14:53

Driving IT giver den 2. november 2018 et unikt indblik i it-verdenens konstante ændringer. og du kommer hjem med konkret og brugbar viden om IT og udvikling. Tilmeld dig nu.

Phishing webpages detection with machine learning

Speaker: Frederic Maussion has been in the email industry since the past decade and now focuses on helping organizations protect their users from advanced cyber threats.
26. okt. 2018 Af: Driving IT
<p>Frederic Maussion, VadeSecure</p>

Frederic Maussion, VadeSecure

As phishing attacks grow and get more sophisticated, they’re become harder and harder for humans to detect. In this session, I will share how Vade Secure has developed and trained machine learning models, gained from the experience of protecting 500 million mailboxes, to detect phishing webpages with a high degree of accuracy.