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Driving Technology 2016 fandt i år sted den 24. juni med temaet Mind the gap: Den eksponentielle teknologi breder sig til stadig flere brancher. Salim Ismail fra Singularity University i Californien gav et unikt indblik i fremtiden og fire fremtrædende danske virksomheder forholdt sig til disruption.

Program for Driving Technology 2016

Mød teknologi-eksperten Salim Ismail fra Singularity University og få et unikt overblik over , hvor den eksponentielle teknologi rulller frem. Du vil også kunne høre, hvordan fire fremtrædende danske virksomheder forholder sig til disruption.
2. maj. 2016 Af: IDA

Date: 24. juni 2016

Venue: Industriens hus, Rådhuspladsen, København



08.30-09.00 Check in, coffee, welcome

09.00-09.15 Good morning & briefing by Rolf Ask Clausen, IDA
Welcome by Carl Aage Dahl, CEO, IDA & Adam Lebech, Director, DI Digital

9:15 Technology organizations and disruptions: The who - what - where + a case

The morning will be your shortcut to get up to date on future technologies, future organizations, how to understand disruptions, and to get a bonus case on technology that could be used with a very significant purpose.

09.15-10.10 Exponential technologies: This is hot! Salim Ismail, Singularity University

10.10-10.40 Case: Nano technology to fight viral epidemics and pandemics Erez Livneh, Vecoy Nanomedicines Ltd.

10.40-11.00 Coffee break

11.00-12.00 Exponential organizations: How do you organize for the future? Learnings from current projects Salim Ismail, Singularity University

12.00-12.40 Thinking like a disruptor: What a disruption is. What it isn’t. And why it matters. Märtha Renberg, DareDisrupt

12.40-13.20 Lunch

13.20 Disruptions in four sectors: How to deal with them and impact the future. Power workshop In the afternoon we go through four sectors. Format: Key guests from the sectors present their pains, technologies, possibilities, and strategies. Then we present relevant technologies and thoughts. Finally all participants in Driving Technology 2016 will be engaged in power workshops on how to work with disruptions. The format will be demanding, provide learning for all and will be fun. Purpose: To bring home concrete take-aways and practical experience.  Host: Henrik Føhns, Danish Broadcasting Corporation/DR

13.20-15.10 Disruption in health and finance

Round 1: Health and Medicine. Kristian Hart-Hansen, CEO, LEO Innovation Lab

Round 2: Finance. Thomas Rosendahl, Head of Customer Experience, MobileLife, Danske Bank: “Scaling culture at MobileLife”

15.10-15.30 Coffee break

15.30-17.20 Disruption in production and transport/logistics

Round 3: Production. Erick Thürmer, Managing Director, Thürmer Tools: “Changing the world one hole at the time”

Round 4: Transport. Jesper Riis, CIO, DSV: “Driving towards the future”

17.20-17.50 “Life 4.0”: The convergence of several exponential technologies will change life as we know it Jan Madsen, Professor, DTU Compute, will give us a view into the future of life

17:50-18:00 Wrap up Salim Ismail, Singularity University

18.00-19.00 Reception – wine & networking


Price: 3000,- kr. For a full days program including lunch etc.

All can sign up.