20-08-2018 14:54:20

Den 18. april 2018 satte vi fokus på mulighederne i embeddede teknologier. 

Anders Westen

Foredragsholder: The Embedded Jungle

– How to navigate?

Entering the Embedded world is like entering a jungle. A jungle where the digital hardware technology has been growing in complexity at exponential rate for 5 decades in a row and software complexity even faster. The disciplines of hardware and software engineering have always been intertwined and symbiotic. Software cannot exist without hardware and most hardware today is designed to service the software. 

How to find the right solution for your product?

The Embedded jungle is huge, complex and not easy to navigate safely through. There are many traps to avoid and questions to be answered. What core? ARM or Propriety? Processor or FPGA/SOC? What Operating System? Linux, Android or something else? Make or buy?

What you will learn

Join this session and you will get an overview of the existing and future hardware and software options. What questions to consider before entering your next embedded design. You will also hear about some of the trends, challenges and possibilities Arrow see within the embedded space – Five Years Out.

Anders Westen 
Anders Westen, Technology Development Manager, Embedded & Memory, ARROW Nordic