15-08-2018 22:54:47

Den 18. april 2018 satte vi fokus på mulighederne i embeddede teknologier. 

Jonas Rutström

Foredragsholder: SoC Design and Verification made Easier

During this presentation you will learn how you can accelerate your SoC/FPGA/ASIC verification process, speed up your design iterations, and increase confidence in your silicon implementation. We will focus on MATLAB and Simulink as an integrated environment that can be used during the entire development process of a product or application – from idea to implementation.

Jonas Rutström 
Jonas Rutström
MathWorks since July 2009. Before that he worked for eight years in different positions (developer, project manager, and brand manager) at Dirac Research, a Swedish company providing audio signal processing solutions for the automotive and consumer markets.