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Creativity and Electrical Brain Stimulation

Taler: Balder Onarheim, assoc. Professor at DTU and the founder of PlatoScience will talk about the neurology of creativity and the Plato brain stimulator
27. okt. 2016 Af: Embedded Everywhere
Balder Onarheim, CEO, Plato Science
Balder Onarheim, CEO, Plato Science

Balder Onarheim will talk about the neurological underpinnings of creativity, and how these processes can be influenced using neurostimulators like Plato, a new product developed by PlatoScience.

Your brain is essentially an electrical grid. As you read this, you are producing electrical activity in various brain regions as part of the mental process. Neurostimulators like Plato work by adding a micro-dose of electricity similar to that of the brain’s natural processes.

This temporarily changes the type and location of the natural activity. The modulation only influences the already ongoing processes, leaving it unable to add any unnatural activity.

Balder Onarheim

Balder Onarheim is a serial entrepreneur and associate professor in creativity at the Technical University of Denmark. He is the founder of the Copenhagen Institute of NeuroCreativity and the CEO at PlatoScience: making the world's first creativity boosting headset. 

Balder's expertise lies within a neurologically based understanding of creativity, and methods to use this understanding to make people better problem solvers. He is a popular speaker with talks at prestigious conferences and universities around the world, and more than 15 thousand people has seen his TEDx talk '3 tools to become more creative'.

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