15-08-2018 22:58:20

Den 18. april 2018 satte vi fokus på mulighederne i embeddede teknologier. 

Deep Learning made Accessible

Taler: Daniel Arronsson, PhD, Applications Engineering, MathWorks
18. okt. 2016 Af: Embedded Everywhere
Daniel Aronsson, PhD, Applications Engineering, MathWorks
Daniel Aronsson, PhD, Applications Engineering, MathWorks

Deep learning applications has rapidly evolved over the past decade and is now being used in fields varying from autonomous systems to medical image processing. This session will cover both Machine learning and Deep learning techniques to help solve problems such as object detection, object recognition and classification. Specifically , the workshop will cover three demonstrations: Machine Learning Techniques for Scene Classification, Transfer Learning, and Using a pre-trained CNN ( Convolutional neural networks ) as a feature extractor.

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