21-08-2018 15:44:21

Den 18. april 2018 satte vi fokus på mulighederne i embeddede teknologier. 

IoT Cognitive Neural Networks

Taler: Andrew Bickley, Technology Marketing Director, Arrow Electronics
22. okt. 2016 Af: Embedded Everywhere
Andrew Bickley, Technology Marketing Director
Andrew Bickley, Technology Marketing Director

We are all at the early stages with IoT so it is critical to make sure that the IoT solutions take into consideration the future requirements and trends.

Right now IoT has a main focus to connect “things” to one network in a secure way. But going forward “things” are going to get smarter, more demanding, more intelligent and generate significantly more data. Eventually these systems will have Cognitive Neural Networks where they decide which data is necessary vs. unnecessary and re-write their algorithms for operations.

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