20-08-2018 14:54:18

Den 25. januar 2018 løb konferencen "Industri 4.0 - Fremtidens intelligente industri" af stablen. Og 24. januar 2019 gentager vi successen!

Fog Computing for Robotics and Industrial Automation

Taler: Paul Pop, Professor of Cyber-Physical Systems at DTU Compute interested in the systems engineering of safety-critical systems.
Fog Computing for Robotics and Industrial Automation

We are at the beginning of a new industrial revolution, driven by Cyber-Physical Systems and Big Data, which will bring increased flexibility and productivity, mass customization, reduced time-to-market, improved product quality, lead to innovations and new business models. 

The cyber-physical production systems are safety-critical and real-time, requiring guaranteed extra-functional properties, such as, real-time behavior, reliability, availability, safety, and security. These are provided by inefficient Operational Technology (OT). The trend is towards the integration of OT and IT, where OT becomes virtualized and implemented by a Deterministic “Fog Computing" architecture.

The talk will present the current research in the area of future Fog-based industrial automation architectures, related to  virtualization, deterministic wired and wireless communication, and resource provisioning and management. The focus will be on open standards, such as Time-Sensitive Networking and OPC UA for real-time machine-to-machine communication.