19-08-2018 21:54:39

Den 25. januar 2018 løb konferencen "Industri 4.0 - Fremtidens intelligente industri" af stablen. Og 24. januar 2019 gentager vi successen!

Ways to score in 4.0

Taler: Mika Valtasaari, Business Development Manager at Grundfos A/S has with 10+ years of working experience in a telephone company and 2 years of startup coaching experience.
Ways to score in 4.0

Mika gives us an overview of some of the ways a company can score in 4.0.

Industry is moving from a business model almost solely based on making products to providing outcome of different types.The trend itself has existed for some time, but what is the practical impact of the trend in a global market where sensors and internet access are becoming more and more common? Mika will talk about some of the ways a company can score more business and more value in existing business.

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