17-03-2018 21:01:08

IDA Risk have assembled a group of leading Danish and International experts in Risk Management, Project Delivery and Capital Project Execution. Also this year the conference includes Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Strategic Risk Management (SRM). 

Jesper Pedersen

Jesper Pedersen, Head of Department for Project and Portfolio Management, Rambøll Denmark

Jesper Pedersen holds a Master Degree in Applied Mathematics from the Technical University of Denmark (2005). Jesper is Head of Department in Ramboll for the Project and Portfolio Management department that focuses on different aspects of project management.

Jesper has been working in the field of Risk Management for 10 years and has extensive experience from many projects covering all phases of projects and a range of different service areas among others Buildings, Transport, Environment, Management Consulting and Pharmaceutical Industry. He is furthermore main responsible as product owner of Rambolls webbased Risk Management Tool, RamRisk. Jesper has been member of the Board in IDA Risk since 2014 and as a person Jesper is driven, structured, ambitious and experienced manager with focus on obtaining results with an analytical approach to things.

As a person Jesper is social, outgoing and a true relation-builder.