15-08-2018 12:42:58

IDA Risk have assembled a group of leading Danish and International experts in Risk Management, Project Delivery and Capital Project Execution. Also this year the conference includes Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Strategic Risk Management (SRM). 

The Value Factor: What's missing from project risk management

Speaker: Karlene Agard, Risk Manager, Transport for London:

Karlene Agard, Risk Manager, Transport for London, UK

Karlene has over five years of experience in risk, value, change, programme and project management. She has effectively led strategic risk and value management studies on projects and programmes such as Crossrail 2, Thameslink and the Wessex Improvement Programme. In recent years, Karlene has been recognised at UK and international risk award ceremonies for her risk and value management work.

Karlene is committed to the future of risk and value management and is on the steering committee for the Institute of Risk Management's exploration of the Risk Agenda for 2025 and the Association for Project Management. Karlene has worked in Network Rail and Transport for London and is currently on secondment at the Houses of Parliament.