15-08-2018 12:42:37

IDA Risk have assembled a group of leading Danish and International experts in Risk Management, Project Delivery and Capital Project Execution. Also this year the conference includes Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Strategic Risk Management (SRM). 

The long way of an Enterprise Risk Management journey and the valuable impacts on the insurance side

Speaker: Lene Ritz, Head of Risk Management, Energinet.dk:

Lene Ritz, Head of Risk Management, Energinet.dk, Denmark

Lene Ritz is Head of the Risk Management department in Energinet and has been so since 2014. She has before that developed the ERM strategy and setup around the risk management function in Energinet.

The department makes use of internationally recognized frameworks, tools and processes for risk management for the strategy development as well as for the operation and project portefolio.

Lene Ritz participates in international work and networks for risk management and has contributed to articles and webinars as well as performing speeches about implementing risk management including completion of an ERM- project.

Lene Ritz has for a number of years lived and worked abroad, including Germany, Madrid and Brussels, where she has worked, amongst others, with financial instruments and systems in riskexposure. She has experience from corporations as Danske Bank A / S, Uhrenholt Holding A / S, Møllehegnet Holding A / S, Denmark's Fisheries Association and BP Europa SE.