19-08-2018 19:34:46

IDA Risk have assembled a group of leading Danish and International experts in Risk Management, Project Delivery and Capital Project Execution. Also this year the conference includes Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Strategic Risk Management (SRM). 

‘Establishing coherent risk management and financial control’

Speaker: Søren Sünksen, Financial Director, New North Zealand Hospital: ‘Building risk management capabilities from scratch in a highly complex environment with low risk appetite’

Søren Sünksen, Financial Director at New North Zealand Hospital (NHN) which is one of 16 hospital building projects in Denmark and the only greenfield project in the Capital Region. Søren is responsible for driving the NHN’s risk management and for the pursuit to create a direct link to the projects finance operations and forecasting. Søren comes with experience from Deloitte Consultings CFO-services, where he managed a long list of finance transformation projects including planning and forecast modelling.
His focus has always been on the public sector, and before being a consultant he work as head of finance for a division at the municipality of Copenhagen