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10. juni 2015: Teknologien udvikler sig eksponentielt. Hvordan skal fremtidens organisationer bygges op, for at gribe den nye dynamik? Teknologieksperterne Salim Ismail og David Roberts fra Singularity University bringer ny viden og helt nye metoder til Danmark. TILMELDING TIL 2016 ER ÅBEN.

Driving Technology 2015 (english)

Technology develops exponentially. How should future organisations be designed to accommodate this new dynamic? Technology experts Salim Ismail and David Roberts from Singularity University have come to Denmark with all new knowledge and methods.

What consequences will this growing technological development get for future organisations? Which organisations can keep up with the development and which ones will encounter too much inner resistance?
At this event we will unveil a new organisational paradigm from America – the ExO (Exponential Organisation). It is an organisation that works with high motivation and characteristics ensuring high dynamics and decisiveness.

The event programme contains two main parts:

  • Updating the participants on the newest strategic and essential knowledge on the development of technology
  • Winners and losers in an exponential future: We present the theory and you get to try a whole new method of evaluating and designing organisations
    - Which characteristics does an exponential organisation have?
    - How do you measure your own organisation to the paradigm of the future?
    - What changes in your organisation are the most important?

Detailed programme here.

From the event you will get an updated strategic knowledge of technology as well as new insight into the solutions to the organisational challenges in the urgent near future.

The two main speakers at the technology conference are technology experts Salim Ismail and David Roberts from Singularity University.

Salim is on the bestseller list in the USA with his new handbook on exponential organisations: ”Exponential Organizations: Why new organizations are ten times better, faster, and cheaper than yours”, and David is one of Singularity’s most influential generalists with cross-disciplinarian knowledge.

Additionally, at the conference a case profile of a real-life ExO will be presented.

Price: 3.900 kr.

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