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IDAs fagtekniske netværk Industri IDA Polymer IDA Polymer - in English

IDA Polymer - in English

IDA Polymer is a division of the Danish Society of Engineers (Ingeniørforeningen, IDA)

Aims and Purpose

IDA Polymer disseminates knowledge relating to polymer structure, properties, processing and applications. The intention is to promote rational development within the area to benefit Danish society and industry. The society co-operates with other technical organizations, industry and individuals having relationship to the polymer area.


IDA Polymer works to promulgate new technical innovations and to stimulate debate within the polymer community by arranging meetings and symposia with lectures and discussion. These events feature both Danish lectures as well as speakers brought in from abroad. Most meetings are hold in Copenhagen, but occasionally events are schedulled outside the capital.

The society promotes the newest technical developments within the areas of: specific materials structure, properties and applications; construction and design with rubber and plastic; part design and tool constructions; various processing techniques, their machinery and equipment; environmental problems connected with the synthesis, processing and use of polymers; and problems concerned with recycling. In addition, standard technology is reviewed as part of a general orientation program for the employees of the polymer industry. During excursions, Danish and foreign firms which produce raw materials, processing equipment and machinery for the polymer consuming industry are visited. Visits are also arranged to technical service institutes, and research facilities having relation to the polymer area.

In addition to above mentioned activities, which relate directly to the membership, the society participates in the planning and running of discussion groups or continuing education courses for a larger circle of technically trained individuals. The society also participates actively in various types of committee work, the purpose of which can be highly technical or relate more generally to society, i.e. the formulation of codes of practice and the translation of terminology relating to polymeric materials and their technology.

The society also ensures that certain publications which are thought to have general interest for the polymer community are brought to its attention. Upon agreement with the Danish Plastic Federation representing the plastic industry the society is a common forum for technical meetings within the polymer area.

The society has an observer status to the European Polymer Federation (EPF), an organization of sister societies related to scientific research and higher education on polymers throughout Europe. The main elements of EPF policy are to distribute information on research establishments and technology centers active in polymer science and technology in the affiliated countries, to arrange workshops on specialized topics, to promote polymer science teaching in second degrees and engineering degrees, and finally to encourage and promote exchange of young scientists among member countries.


Eligible for membership are:

  • Engineers, who are members of IDA
  • Others (except engineers) with a scientific and technical interest in the polymer area
  • Companies and institutions.