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In connection with the Nordic Clean Energy Week May 21-25, 2018 IDA organized a series of energy-related events. Find all the events here.

Tour to Battery and fast charging installations

Learn about the future energy systems in a guided tour around part of the Nordhavn area in Copenhagen where more than a handful of buildings are part of the project EnergyLab Nordhavn.
Arrangør: IDA Energi
Medarrangører: IDA Mechanical, IDA Sjælland
Tour to Battery and fast charging installations

During the tour you will learn about the grid integrated battery, Denmarks first EV fast chargers, intelligent building automation and flexible and low temperature district heating.


18:00 Sandwich and beverage

18.30 Vessel-to-Grid (V2G) - Challenges and Opportunities for the Grid DTU Power Lab

19:00 Tour to Battery and fast charging installations


This event is a part of Nordic Energy Experience, which is a partnership consisting of IDA Energy, EnergyLab Nordhavn, IDA, Association of Nordic Engineers, By & Havn and EnergyHub.

Shuttle boat to and from Nordhavn – free of charge

During the week of 21-25 May 2018 Nordic Energy Experience have rented a shuttle boat which will make sure our guests are transported to our events in Nordhavn in style.

The boat will depart from Kvæsthusbroen and will arrive at Murmanskgade in Nordhavn.

The boat is marked with a Nordic Energy Experience logo.

For more information, please follow this link.



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Kommende arrangementer
fra IDA Energi

23 aug.
Byggeriet mister store digitale gevinster
  • IDA Mødecenter, København V
  • torsdag d. 23. august kl. 16:45
12 sep.
Udvikling og produktion af højeffektive ventilatorer hos Novenco Building & Industry
  • Novenco-Building , Næstved
  • onsdag d. 12. september kl. 17:00
17 sep.
Betydningen af optimalt indeklima og tilhørende ventilationssystemer mv.
  • IDA, København V
  • mandag d. 17. september kl. 16:45
19 sep.
CO2 negativt kraftværk ved biostøvfyring og cryo seperation af CO2
  • EY Huset, Aarhus C
  • onsdag d. 19. september kl. 16:45
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