19-08-2018 19:35:28

COME DRONE WITH US! Den 1. juni 2016 blev der afholdt Nordic Drone Games 2016 i Odense. Det var 6 timer med droner, spændende demonstrationer, inspirerende talere og vilde konkurrencer for alle der ikke kunne modstå droner eller ville opleve droner for første gang. Både studerende, start-ups og eksperter var tilstede, samt alle der syntes droner er fascinerende.

Start-up the Drones

Get first hand input on getting started with your drone business through talks from talented entrepreneurs, engineers, technicians and designers.
Af: Pernille Dolin

NDG16 has a great startup program lined up for you!

Henrik Bennetsen, COO / Otherlab:

Based in San Francisco, Henrik works as an experienced metrics-
driven entrepreneur and is an expert in early stage development.
He will give an exclusive insight to the life as a start-up in Silicon
Valley including presentations of Otherlabs drone projects. Later
on you can book Henrik for a 15 mins 1:1 talk.

Ross Hunt, CTO / Agrilarity

Ross Hunt, Co-Founder of the Machine Vision analysis company Cainthus, will discuss the Why and the How in his journey with Cainthus
Technology has been changing so rapidly that there has never been a greater opportunity to start your own company in almost any industry
However individuals must be sure they are applying the right technology to the right problems at the right time with the right people
Using Cainthus as an example, we will explore identifying an opportunity, developing proof of concepts, fund-raising and hiring.

Sky-Watch Shark Tank - win 1000 Euro

Danish drone start-up Sky-Watch brings a heavy duty panel of
experts looking for raw talent and next big things. Bring your idea – and start pitching. The winner takes home the big prize