11-12-2018 15:00:58

Styrk din viden og få fagligt indblik med IDAs on-demand webinarer. Mange af IDAs arrangementer er optaget, så du kan se dem, når det passer dig. Alle on-demand webinarer er gratis.

On Demand IT Driving IT: Security - An Introduction to the Live Amnesic Incognito System: Tails
Se Jurre van Bergens indlæg på Driving IT 2015

This presentation will focus on an introduction to Tails.
Tails is a live system that aims to preserve your privacy and anonymity.
It helps you to use the Internet anonymously and circumvent censorship.
Tails has been used by activists in Belarus, concerned citizens, journalists from all over the world to Edward Snowden

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OK15-resultatet på det kommunale og regionale område - ondemand webinar

På dette webinar vil Thomas Damkjær Petersen, IDAs repræsentant i ACs forhandlingsudvalg og Formand for IDA Offentlig præsentere IDAs anbefaling til resultatet. Dernæst vil det kommunale og regionale forligs hovedelementer blive gennemgået.

Fra dansk til global højteknologi

Jens Maaløe optaget på Ledelse der styrker 2015

Driving IT: Tools - Cross Platform Benchmarking C/C++ code

In this talk I will present gauge, an open source cross platform benchmarking library for C/C++ applications. I will present the motivation behind the library and demonstrate the basic functionality.

Testing and Analysing Privacy in Mobile Applications

We will present how we scientifically tested several mobile applications using various strategies such as network captures, man-in-the-middle attacks, or decompilations to analyse their behaviours related to privacy. The results and their implications will then be discussed.

Driving IT: Cool - IT and sustainability: hero or villain?

The IT industry makes us more sustainable, doesn’t it? Teleconferencing, smart meters, digitisation (and many others) all save Carbon and the planet. On the other hand, the energy used in data centres is significant and growing. The number of devices climbs exponentially. Connectivity encourages us to live in one country and weekend in another. What actually are the contributions of IT to sustainability? Is it a hero or a villain? And what does all this mean for responsible IT companies wanting to play their part?

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