22-02-2018 04:04:29

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On Demand IT Driving IT: Startup - Hyper-growth: How to scale your engineering team!
How does a company go from three people in a Copenhagen loft to over 1000 people in 11 offices around the world and listed on NYSE in 8 years and more importantly, how do you scale an engineering team globally to cope with this hyper-growth for a SaaS based business?

Jesper Hvirring Henriksen will take you through how Zendesk did just this and some of the lessons learnt from the engineering team along the way as well as some advice on what to think about if you're looking to scale your engineering team.

Jesper has almost 20 years experience in engineering related roles in Denmark and the US and currently serves as Director of Engineering for Zendesk in Copenhagen where he is heavily involved in large scale globalengineering Projects.

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