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On Demand IT Driving IT: Tools - Are there any mistakes we havn't tried yet?
Se Poul Henning Kamp's indlæg på Driving IT 2015

Are there any mistakes we havn't tried yet?
Most IT projects (still) fail for reasons we have knownabout since The Mythical Man-Month was published 40 years ago.IT is breaking new ground with Robotics, autonomy and AI, are there any new and exciting ways IT projects can fail in the future ?

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Continuous Integration & Delivery i praksis

Mange strategier bliver aldrig implementeret ordenligt i organisationen. Spild af tid, penge og muligheder. Mange projekter har ikke forbindelse med virksomhedens strategi. Spild af tid og ressourcer. (Dette on demand webinar er optaget den 1-10-2015) On-demand webinar - cases og værktøjer fra den virkelige verden

Protecting against tomorrow's adversaries - Post-Quantum Cryptography

Quantum Computers could endanger almost all cryptosystems that are in use today. While it's unclear if large scale Quantum Computers will ever be built, some researchers see them happening within the next 10 or 15 years.

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