14-12-2018 21:12:40

Styrk din viden og få fagligt indblik med IDAs on-demand webinarer. Mange af IDAs arrangementer er optaget, så du kan se dem, når det passer dig. Alle on-demand webinarer er gratis.

On Demand IT Jamming in VRUnicorns
Horatiu will talk about the history and process behind my game jamming team/company VRUnicorns, and why jamming (a.k.a. rapid prototyping) can be the core of a successful startup. I may or may not make a game during the talk.

Horatiu Roman started working in the Danish game industry as a result of going to game jams, and continues to travel to, participate in, and organize jams around the world while being CTO in VRUnicorns.

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Industrial Internet Consortium and a view on how IIoT will transform energy and other businesses

Energy business as all traditional industries are under big transformations/paradigm shifts.

Companies should include themselves in the threat model when designing protocols

As the recent Apple/FBI confrontation makes clear, companies should assume they can be coerced into becoming part of the threat model for their customers. It is possible to create security architectures that take this into account.

Fighting abuse at ISP level and not going mad…

Abuse, in all different flavors, is on the net. ISP play a central role in that game. They provide the means to let it happen and also to prevent it. In my presentation I will talk about the obstacles ISPs meet every day and what they do to overcome them. I will also talk about how Germans and how Dutch ISP try to tackle the problem.

Dynamic Encryption - Why and What?

State-controlled cyber espionage becomes more frequent and more sophisticated and is seen as one of the biggest threats to the western world. We will show some recent examples of attacks on mobile communication and also present "Dynamic Encryption", which is a novel, Danish developed encryption principle used for mitigating this threat.

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