11-12-2018 14:51:43

Styrk din viden og få fagligt indblik med IDAs on-demand webinarer. Mange af IDAs arrangementer er optaget, så du kan se dem, når det passer dig. Alle on-demand webinarer er gratis.

On Demand IT WannaCry Global Ransomware attack overview ved Irena Damsky ThreatSTOP
WannaCry has been an internet wide event causing thousands of infections worldwide in May 2017 - What happened? How did it happen? Who is behind it and why? Who got affected, and did they manage to fix it? In this talk we will go over all the available data (both open and semi-open resources) and will present an overview of the events.

Irena Damsky. With a Bsc and Msc in computer science and years of experience in the industry and in the Israeli Defense Forces – Irena is the VP Security Research for ThreatSTOP and the managing director of ThreatSTOP Israel. ThreatSTOP’s cloud service converts the latest threat data into enforcement policies and automatically updates the customers’ firewalls, routers, DNS servers and endpoints to stop attacks before they become breaches.

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Attacking with HTTP requests ved Hanno Böck

Simply trying to download files from webpages leads to a surprisingly devastating attack vector that causes database leaks, exposed private keys and much more. Eventually this also led to the discovery of Optionsbleed, a severe security vulnerability in the apache web server.

What is Cyber War, and how does it affect Denmark? ved Kenneth Geers, Nato Cyber center - via skype

This talk discusses the connection between network security and national security, and the rise of cyberspace as a domain of international conflict.

Smart contracts are neither smart nor contracts ved Fritz Henglein, DIKU

Smart contracts are programs written in a Java-like language run on one of the dominant blockchain/distributed ledger systems. We discuss why this makes them neither contracts nor is it necessarily smart to express them in an imperative, object-oriented Turing-complete programming language with tricky semantics.

Delightful Data Explotation ved Keld Norman, Dubex

Læg dagligdagen fra dig et øjeblik og tag med ind i de it-kriminelles verden i selskab med Danmarks mest underholdende it-sikkerhedsnørd. Keld Norman viser dig, hvor let det er at være hacker i vores digitaliserede dagligdag. Der er garanti for aha-oplevelser, når Keld demonstrerer de nyeste hackermetoder og virkelige eksempler på snyd og manipulation. Du går hjem med en række praktiske råd til, hvordan du undgår hackerens fælder på jobbet og i privatlivet, som du kan dele med familie og kollegaer.

Why don't danish websites treat visitors well ved Pritt Potter, Plumbr

This September, Plumbr built a team of robots that visited hundreds of Danish high volume web sites and found that many of them are too slow or even technically broken for some visitors. In his talk Priit will share the results and explain why don’t all websites deliver good customer experience, even if the business development and IT teams behind them try to do a good job.

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