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On Demand Job og Karriere The Global Recruitment Challenge 1. How to get the right job in Denmark?
How to get the right job in Denmark? Case: How to be selected with a foreign surname?

‘Danish language can be learned, Danish culture cannot’?!

We have invited Marta Kirilova, research associate at the University of Copenhagen, to share her knowledge on how non-Danish job applicants tackle the meeting with the Danish labour market.

Based on a study of job interviews with migrants applying for positions in the public sector in Copenhagen, her talk presents examples of successful and unsuccessful communicative strategies and discusses the influence of cultural stereotypes in the evaluation of candidates with a foreign background.

Marta Kirilova’s study is so far the only comprehensive research of authentic audio-recorded job interviews with migrants in Denmark. The meeting will provide you with unique insider knowledge of what actually happens at job interviews and allow for exchanging ideas and networking.

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