19-08-2018 21:54:32

IDA slog dørene op til årets tech event, Technomania, 4. og 5. oktober 2017 på hi messen i Herning.

Startup corner

Startup Corner is an exhibition area for 25 selected tech startups promoting the ideas, technologies and businesses of the future. We also present a two-day Startup Stage program with 20 speakers sharing their knowledge on innovation and entrepreneurship

At Startup Corner you can meet 25 young and ambitious tech startups that have the potential to inspire, collaborate or disrupt established industries.  Visit them at Technomania Startup Corner and hear them pitch at the Technomania stages.

At Startup Corner we present an ambitious two-day program with 20 speakers sharing their visions and perspectives on innovation and entrepreneurship

In this video you can meet Roperobotics, who is one of the selected startups, you can meet at Technomania.